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Discounts Price per book
Libraries: 15% $12.71
Schools: 20% $11.96
Institutions: 20% $11.96
Examination copies:
If instructors request an exam copy on institutional letterhead, one will be provided for $2 plus shipping charges of $2.95. Mail request, along with check for $4.95, to:

Word Warriors Press
3808 Blaisdell Avenue S #309
Minneapolis, MN 55409

If you would like your exam copy expedited, you may send an e-mail to gail@wordwarriorspress.com using your institutional e-mail address with your name & address for billing purposes.

For all other orders (non-exam copies),
please fill in all fields marked with a *
Contact Information:
First Name: *
Last Name: *
Email Address: *
Format: 123-456-7890
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MN Sales Tax: *
MN residents will be charged 6.5% tax, unless you have a tax exempt number (.97¢ per book). If you are exempt or tax is not applicable, enter a zero.
Total: *
Shipping Information:
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Books will be mailed UPS, and your invoice will include that (variable) charge. No handling charges. Orders over ten books will be shipped free.