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You might think you need to prostitute yourself to financially survive, and that you don't have any alternatives. I hate to think that's true, but it may be in some cases. Some men and women also like prostitution because it gives you a certain kind of power. What bothers me about prostitution though is the fact that surveys have shown that the vast majority of hookers have been sexually abused. It's like you've been conditioned to think that's all you're good for, or else you want to take back the power over your own body in a way. OK, what bothers me even more is that it's mostly women who sell themselves as meat, instead of insisting on being seen as equal human beings. And there's a very long history of men not seeing or treating women that way in the first place. So I guess I think of it as a step backwards. Of course, realistically, that's just the way it is, and women need to pay the rent and eat, too.

I would never judge you for your choice, but I personally don't think it's psychologically healthy. And of course there are the dangers of disease and violence, too. I've had high school students who were hooking and I saw changes in them that didn't look good to me at all. It usually started with "exotic" dancing, then escalated. If you're thinking about hooking or already are, please sit down and write a list of all your options, including getting a college degree. And for god sakes, be careful. Check out some of these links, too.

Also, a warning about the growing international movement in sex slavery. If you respond to ads for modeling, employment, nanny positions, etc., that promise international travel, please be aware that nasty people dealing in human "sales" are using such ads in this country. If you're here from another country and you're in such a position, please check out the "US Info" link below or call the Worker Exploitation Complaint Line.


HIPS Toll free Hotline: 1-800-676-HIPS (available 24 hours)

Worker Exploitation Complaint Line (US government):
(Translators available ) 1-888-428-7581

Facts & Stats

Average prostitution arrests include 70% female prostitutes and 20% male prostitutes (and only 10% customers). Although a minority of prostitutes are women of color, they comprise the majority sent to jail.

The National Task Force on Prostitution suggests that over one million people in the US have worked as prostitutes, or about 1% of women.

Regarding violence against prostitutes, one study showed 60% of the abuse perpetrated by clients, 20% by police and 20% in domestic relationships.

--Prostitutes Education Network (citing studies from the 1980s)

One study shows 81% of prostitutes not having a high school diploma, and 48% with no previous work experience: "With very few skills, a limited education, and minimal, if any, work experience, these women saw prostitution as a way to succeed in otherwise blocked entrances to conventional opportunities." (Williamson, 2000)

--University of Michigan

Of 300,000 child prostitutes on the streets of nearly every city and county in the United States, many are only 11 or 12 years old, some as young as 9. (Health and Human Services)

85% of American child prostitutes previously suffered incest, rape, or abuse at home. (Freedom Review)

--from The Lutheran