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Most people in the US are here because they and/or their relatives decided to emigrate from another country. There are only three exceptions to this. Native Americans, of course, were already here and are the original Americans. Most African Americans are descendents of people taken from West Africa as slaves. Mexican-Americans in many of the Southwestern states have more of a heritage in that area because it was part of Mexico until the European settlers and their descendants took it over by force. (That last one is kinda ironic, huh? I mean, here are all these Anglo-Americans complaining about Latino immigrants in Texas and California . . . and where did they come from?)

Certain political factions have been trying to make Anglos scared of immigrants, and angry at them, too. That's really diversionary tactics. They don't want people to think about the real dangers to our country, like the billions of our tax dollars being given away in one way or another to huge corporations and the wealthy. ("Corporate welfare" costs taxpayers much more than the type of welfare for the white suburban kids in poverty who comprise the largest segment of people on welfare.) Also, as the government knows well, with the "baby boom" generation starting to retire, there simply won't be enough workers to keep social security and a decent tax base going without a lot of immigrants working here. Besides, the type of no-education, low-skills jobs that are increasing in the States are mostly those that Anglo-Americans don't want to take. A lot of immigrants also come here from other countries because we don't have enough educated and skilled people to do some of the technological work.

Since 9-11 there's been a rise in hate crimes and suspicion about anyone with an accent who doesn't look European. (Somehow the accents of white foreigners are just "cool" in the mainstream.) I know of a woman from W. Africa who lived, went to college, and worked here for seven years, buying her own condo. She married a U.S. citizen who turned out to be abusive and refused to sign certain immigration papers. So INS agents show up, take her to "immigration detention," which is basically a jail, separating her from her two-year-old daughter (who's taken care of by a friend because the father doesn't give a rip about her). During the entire year that she's in detention, she's not even allowed to hold her own daughter. They ship her back to her African "country of origin," where she's never actually been, and the husband gets her condo. She's lost her daughter for good. That's called "family values," folks. This type of thing has been going on a lot lately, too.

Let's see . . . who might the real enemy be? Just remember to think for yourself, please. Don't be like everyone else and listen to stupid talk radio shows, decide you're a rebel with fresh ideas, and think and talk about immigration like most other Anglo-Americans.

If you're a new or second-generation immigrant, or a migrant, check out some of the resources below.


Facts & Stats

Asian Americans (from many different countries and cultures) comprise the fastest growing segment of major racial/ethnic groups. According to the 2000 census, Asian Americans currently make up 4.3% of the US population.

- Asian-Nation

Nearly 43% of all job openings by 2010 will require only a minimal education and skill level, at a time when native-born Americans are obtaining college degrees in record numbers and are unlikely to accept positions requiring minimal education.


In 2002, there were a little over a million immigrants admitted: around 170,000 from Europe; 340,000 from Asian countries; 60,000 from African countries; 400,000 from North America; 100,000 from the Caribbean; 70,000 from Central America; and 75,000 from South America.

- US Citizenship and Immigration Services