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These weekly essays reflect only the opinions of the persons writing them. While Gail, the managing editor at WWP, may appear frequently because she's very mouthy (and because we don't have many people submitting essays yet), we STRONGLY encourage anyone to send spunky essays of 700 words or less, on any topic.

For consideration, send your essay in an email (no attachments, please).

Nov. 18 2004 A Sickness of Words
Oct. 30 2004 That Goddamn Election
Oct. 22 2004 Fool at the Edge of the Abyss
Oct. 06 2004 WHITE WHINE: Reflections on the Brain-Rotting Properties of Privilege
Oct. 01 2004 Voodoo, Sociopaths, and Punch Lines
Sep. 21 2004 Touchy-Feely Girls: For Shame!
Sep. 15 2004 Communities United Against Police Brutality
Sep. 06 2004 Some Bodies That Matter: The Impending Draft as a Moral Crisis for White People
Aug. 31 2004 Living From the Perspective of Death
Aug. 25 2004 Third World Prices Mean Third World Wages
Aug. 19 2004 Nestlings With a Foreign Smell
Aug. 11 2004 Humans, Blue Tits, and Milk Bottles
Aug. 02 2004 From Chase Murray: Prison and its Haunting Aftermath
Jul. 27 2004 Democratic Convention in the Sudan
Jul. 22 2004 All for a Laugh: Conspiracy Theories
Jul. 04 2004 The American Flag: Stealing a Symbol
Jun. 22 2004 A Confederate Flag on Main Street USA
Jun. 10 2004 The Big Picture
Jun. 03 2004 Memorial Day: Reality Check
May 27 2004 Innocent Blood on Our Hands? US?
May 14 2004 Once Upon a Country
May 07 2004 Sometimes Even the Heart Needs a Break
Apr. 30 2004 Two Eggs and That Homeless Dude
Apr. 21 2004 Free Cheese in a Mousetrap
Apr. 16 2004 And You Said Too Much Government is Bad?
Apr. 07 2004 Rioting, Wars, and Pamprin
Apr. 02 2004 Something New
Mar. 26 2004 The Artist as a New Publisher
Mar. 19 2004 From Mikki Morrissette: Single Mothers by Choice: The Morality Issue
Mar. 08 2004 Mike on the Streets: Peace, Love and Zen
Mar. 02 2004 No More Radio For Me
Feb. 26 2004 $20 in Ammunition
Feb. 18 2004 From Zarkari: "Bushwhacked"
Feb. 11 2004 From Beth Kyong Lo: "Scales"
Feb. 05 2004 Shock: It's Not Political!
Jan. 26 2004 One American Citizen and Another
Jan. 19 2004 The Problem with Lala People
Jan. 13 2004 Humor and a Little Bit of Politics
Jan. 05 2004 Arguments in My Head
Dec. 22 2003 Liberal Media? Say What?